Inventors& explorers

Inventors& explorers

Social Inventors

This program is set to bring out communication, creative thinking and imagination by engaging in activities like making one’s own house, helping toy brother to put clothes, animals to find their own shelter & food. Activities guided by Occupational therapists and special educators.

Preverbal moves

Clap- whistle-pop-shake

This sessions aims to correct most of the skill deficits in special children, especially in communication and movements. Respond to scenes using voice, body parts, instruments and movement; strengthening the preverbal skills. Sessions guided by therapists in respective fields. They learn actions, develop body balance, blow, make loud sounds, and make gestures; all much needed for effective communication in school and daily living. Sessions handled by special educators..

Explorer’s bag

Help your child’s inquisitiveness, imagination, memory, sensory feelings , learning shapes & textures through touch and imagination….. filled with books, animals, masks, instruments, objects of different shapes… they will bring your child to a new world and method of learning(Kinesthetic), improve memory and develop skills of relating; encourage play.